Semi-Permanent individual EyeLash extensions


Made Up by Maine utilizes only the leading exporter of lash extensions:  JB Lashes!  Not to mention,  they are the FIRST exporter to introduce extensions to the U.S.  You can count on our partnership to provide you with lashes that are:

  • Cruelty-Free
  • American made
  • Safe for eyes, skin & contact lenses
  • Hand made
  • Feather light

We offer the benefits of both beauty and consciousness with our faux-mink lashes.  Designed to imitate real mink fur,  once you apply theses babies there's no need to worry about maintenance.  These extensions are permanently curled and need no mascara as they are already smoldering  enough.  Just take a look in our gallery to see why they are 'the little black dress' for your eyes.

There are 3 sets to choose from: 

NATURAL - Perfect for clients with smaller, delicate eyes or for clients  who prefer a more subtle enhancement.  These clients take their beauty secrets seriously!

FULL -  A full set is perfect for clients who like to take the "just right" approach.  If you would love to wake up feeling as if you were born with eyelashes perfectly coated with two layers of mascara, this is the set for you!

DRAMATIC - This sultry set is for the big lash lover!  Without being too over the top, your eyes are definitely the show stopper.  For clients with prominent eyes, this set is the best accessory.  



No matter what set you choose, your extensions need to be replaced every 2-3 weeks to maintain the best results.  


*Our sets take a minimum of two hours.  The fuller the set, the longer the service.  The prices vary with each set.  Please visit our contact page  to inquire about booking, consultations, prices and packages.*

**We request that all clients arrive with pre-cleansed lashes and a makeup free face.  However, we will happily perform makeup removal/eyelash cleansing for a fee of $25.**



Removing your extensions should not be a traumatic experience and it doesn't have to be.  Allow our certified technician to safely and swiftly, remove your extensions so we can help keep your natural lashes in optimum health.